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Riddle Me This: Why Are You Purposefully Showering In The Bad Shower?

Newsletter Editor Eva Sher is VERY picky about her showers. And she has some questions for you shower daredevils out there.

It is universally known that in every dorm bathroom with multiple showers, there is at least one objectively inferior shower. In theory, the good and bad showers are the same: same dimensions, same location, same floor. One is just worse than the other. You know what I’m talking about. The one that consistently floods, so that when one person uses it, the next one who dares to enter must either step through or over a river of dirty shower water. Or the one with the mold on the shower curtains. Or the one with the wonky shower head. Or, if you luck out, your bad shower has all of the above.

I have witnessed too many times, while in the bathroom brushing my teeth, people walking right into the bad shower when the good one is completely available. I just wanna know: why??

I understand using the bad shower when the other one is being used. You’re a busy person: places to go, people to see, chemistry problem sets to cry over, and JJ’s mozzarella sticks to inhale. We’ve all had to settle for less than perfect accommodations when in a time crunch.

Sometimes, however, I notice that some of you hooligans purposefully choose the bad shower even if the good shower(s) are completely open! Even after all of this time living in dorms, every time I see someone sauntering into the bad shower, I am utterly flabbergasted.

Sure, do what you want. Maybe you like viewing the intricate pattern of the mold adorning the shower curtains while you attempt to hose down the nervous sweat off your body. Or maybe you like the thrill of never knowing when the shower temperature will change to scalding hot without warning. Or maybe there’s a special feature to the shower that I’m just not getting. In any case, I just wanna know, why? If the good shower is open, why subject yourself to a bad shower.

Or… am I the one with bad taste in showers?

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