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This Is a Reminder That It’s Time To Register for Courses. You Can Just Ignore the Rest.

This is not an advertisement. Fuck Spec.


Friend, where are you?

It’s been weeks, and I’ve not yet seen your marbled face…

…your claims of improving the shitty registrar site…

…your beautiful, beautiful plus, imbued with the hue of a libation of Sunny-D.


All I’m really saying is… Vergil+, come back with the posters. I don’t want to be the one to remind people that it’s course selection time – frankly, that’s your job. And if I don’t get the classes I want this registration season, it’s blood on your hands – or extension website, or whatever. Shame on you.


Anyway, for the rest of you, go choose your classes and hope you’re not too late on the good ones.


Bulletin boards courtesy of 8AM-class-having Jeffrey Ndubisi; header image from Vergil+.

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  • Choose Wisely says:

    @Choose Wisely Do not waste $250K on a degree in Gender Studies or any other pseudoscience that will make you unemployable and render you incapable of paying back your loans. Employers want people with real skills not experts in fake disciplines based on fake science.

  • hey bwog says:

    @hey bwog whats with the shitty comments lately???? isnt there someone in charge of this?

    1. Zack Abrams says:

      @Zack Abrams Hello! Our comment policy can be found here; it’s also linked to on the ‘About Us’ page. We’re working on getting upvotes and downvotes back so users can self-moderate and we apologize if shitty comments are coming to the top. However, if you see a comment that breaks our policy, feel free to email and we’ll remove it. I assure you we’ve removed plenty of comments recently that break our rules, mostly those that are ‘baseless personal attacks on specific individuals’ Thanks! – Managing Editor

    2. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous TRIGGERED!

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