Check out Bwog’s take on what the hell people are trying to communicate by strutting around campus wearing non-Columbia merch.

Yale: You’re from Connecticut, but in a bad way.

Kent State: You’d never met a single person who went to an Ivy before coming to Columbia and tbh…maybe your life was better that way.

Pitt: UPenn? Trash. Penn State??? Somehow even worse.

[your in-state university system]: You know you should have gone there to save money, and yet here you are, lining Prezbo’s pockets day by day, semester by semester.

UChicago: Should’ve applied ED, you fool.

NYU: You’re just very lost.

Any European school: “Look at me, I went abroad.”

Harvard: You’re totally over getting deferred by Harvard. No really, it’s totally cool, it’s an overrated school anyways. No dude seriously, it’s like, fine. Whatever. It’s cool.

Duke (or any of the Big Ten schools): You actually care about sports and feel like you have to prove it.

University of Crete: You’re probably an international student.

Columbia: You’re probably coming from somewhere off-campus where you were out flexing your status as a CU student. It also just really brings out your Pantone 292-colored eyes.