Dear Birds of Columbia,

I love you, all of you.

I love the birds that hop around low steps, that sing in the trees, that walk around the lawns.

Despite popular opinion, I even love pigeons. I love the little ones in the bushes, the long ones, the fluffy ones. Okay, so I might not know anything about birds, but I love you all, nonetheless.

If I’m having a bad day, I turn the corner and there you are, frolicking in a puddle, and I am instantly in a good mood.

Walking to class, hesitantly, resisting the urge to turn around and go back to bed, I see you up ahead, in the trees, and feel slightly more prepared for the day.

When I think about finals and papers, and sink into a pit of despair, all I have to do is see you peeking through the blossom trees, and I suddenly forget the pile of work on my desk.

The best day of possibly my entire life was when I saw a duck on the lawn. When I spotted that duck from afar, my worries left me in an instant, and I have been a changed person ever since.

I’ll admit, the rumors could be true… maybe you are just another part of Columbia’s weather machine, but even so my love for you will never die.

Your biggest fan with absolutely no knowledge about birds,


Photo via Vivian’s incredible photoshop skills and PXhere