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Bwog In Bed: We’re Almost Done Edition!!!

Two more days people!!! Two more days!!! Chances are, you may be home with your dog or off in the Maldives, but a large percentage of us will be here until the bitter end. Send your thoughts and prayers.

Bwogline: The US has reportedly had the lowest number of childbirths in 32 years. That’s right, our population might be on the decline. Thank god.

Study Tip: Reward yourself with a treat from ButCaf/Liz’s/Peet’s/etc. whenever you finish an assignment or reading!

Music: PLEASE do yourself a favor and listen to Sam Smith/Disclosure’s cover of Hotline Bling. Please.

Procrastination: Want to avoid studying at all costs but still feel like you’re doing something mildly productive? Update your Linkedin and/or resume! You might fail your Calc III exam tomorrow, but at least your chances at employment will be a ~little~ higher.

Overheard: “Marijuana turned me gay.”

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