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Senior Scramble But Sophomore Scramble But It’s Just Me

scramble this i dare u

Didn’t get any senior scramble matches? zes2111 is a waaaaarm plate of scrambled eggs

A few weeks ago, your Instagram was probably flooded with pictures of saucy seniors with their UNIs written across their arms, foreheads, etc. This is apparently something called senior scramble and is a yearly tradition for seniors trying to get laid before they graduate?? Ok, cool, whatever. As a sophomore I personally felt very left out.

So you know what would be even cooler? Sophomore scramble. That’s right, why do seniors get to have all the fun?

And you know what would be even cooler? If I was the only sophomore involved! I’m a single girl and a scrambled scrambley egg. UNI is zes2111 you know what to do

image via my body

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  • St. Julian von Abele says:

    @St. Julian von Abele *MUH SENIOR SCRAMBLE*

    Stop. I am sick and tired of this degeneracy.

    My one single wish is to be left to my own asexual devices, free from the thorned grip of perverse temptation, unclouded or swayed in my noble search for intellectual playthings of the mind, yet by your hand I am endlessly titillated by these vixens with their prodigious hips and provocative figures. Yet you continue to whisper sweet nothings in my ear!

    Life is a constant hell. I am floating in the blistering heat of my id’s vacuum, castrated and blinded by my wretched libido that you only seek to see me expel in sexual release, not sublime it into industry and great work!

    You write and cry how stressed you all are, yet you engage in the sin that begets your pathetic, meaningless existences. You write like a seething mindless blob that cannot contemplate life without your carnal release. You have no respect for the virtue of chastity. Your spirit is dim.

    Your sexual exploits have become merely the corpse of a habit that no longer instills pleasure, no longer even succeeds in distracting, but is only the dull libidinal twitch of a mind faced with the irrepressible impossibility of its reality, while lacking the courage to galvanize itself towards rectification. This is why you cry at night. Your egos are all decimated husks.

    You realize that you will never fill the spiritual void that fills you. Your metaphysical lesion will never be saved because you reject the Savior’s name.

    Reject the libido cult worship; find your salvation in Butler.

    Pathetic. Seek help. Go study (not fuck) in Butler.

    1. do u fuck says:

      @do u fuck bro can u please go get laid

    2. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous This is actually incredible

    3. Zoe Sottile says:

      @Zoe Sottile I luv u my biggest fan!!

    4. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous I love you whoever you are

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