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Senior Wisdom: Megnot Mulugeta

Moon baby aka Cinnamon Thunder aka the one and only Megnot Mulugeta thanks the zines and reminds us that grades aren’t everything:

Name, School, Major, Hometown: Megnot Mulugeta aka moon baby aka Cinnamon Thunder, Barnard College, Sociology & Africana Studies, Nashville, TN

Claim to fame: peer education and working with the zines!

Where are you going? not sure yet but the possibilities are endless!

What are 3 things you learned at Columbia and would like to share with the Class of 2023?
1. it’s so easy to go days without seeing a single person you like or even laugh with some friends– don’t use “being busy” as an excuse to not catch up with people or have a movie night with your pals

2. we all have so many different learning styles! not doing “well” in a class is more often than not a reflection of the incompatibility between our learning styles and the professor’s methods, not on your character! like, grades =/= who you are

3. take some time to reflect on things/activities/etc that make you feel good and make sure that you incorporate these things in your life! whether it’s a crafty hobby, wearing weird socks, video games, getting your nails done, idk! it’s worth sacrificing a class or two to make sure that you have a chance to breathe and engage in activities that remind you that you are more than a GPA or what some shitty professor says about you

“Back in my day…” Barnard students had to get swiped into JJs and Diana was CONGESTED with students.

Favorite Columbia controversy? a favorite controversy? aren’t like 99% of them about how fucked up this place is?

Justify your existence in 30 words or fewer: never!

What was your favorite class at Columbia? oh geez, where do i start! Any class with Celia Naylor, Sociology of African-American Life, Speculative Fiction and the Environment, Sociology and the Public are the only ones I can think of

Would you rather give up oral sex or cheese? i’m all about not denying myself so take that as you will

Whom would you like to thank? my sweetmates for keeping me laughing and loved! the peer eds at Well Women for being the best people I know (shoutout to Jessica Cannon!) , my friends back home who remind me where I came from, my PARENTS because they’re great, my major advisors for actually being kind people, the ZINES & Jenna Freedman for being the best place/boss to work with on campus, my baby cub (hey Denise!), all the facilities workers and dining hall employees, and literally every person who has sat/laughed/ate/worked/complained/cried with me on this campus. all of y’all deserve everything good in the world, seriously!

One thing to do before graduating:
if you are a CC/SEAS/GS, take a few classes at Barnard. if you’re a Barnard student, take advantage of your student ID and check out museums! also spend time at riverside, it’s nice!
Any regrets? not taking complete advantage of therapy services on campus and not being more honest with crushes but hey we still got a couple of weeks 👀

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