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Bwog-Approved Packing List

If you’re anything like we were, you’ve already thought A LOT about what you’re bringing to college. Here’s our essential list of things you should and shouldn’t be bringing to Barnumbia. 

The Basics (Shit You Should Already Know To Bring) 

  • Mattress pad/topper
  • Social security card/birth certificate/passport (you’ll avoid having to overnight it when you inevitably need it for a job) 
  • Be clean, buy a small hand vacuum 
  • A really good storage stool if your bed is high! (mine has broken multiple times so invest!!)
  • Laundry pods/detergent 
  • Tool kit and sewing kit
  • Multiple fans if you’re stuck without AC 
  • Bug Repellant 
  • An umbrella (I never used one at home but the rain hits different here) 
  • A surge protector if you’re like me and need 112 outlets at all times to feel comfortable
  • A top sheet
  • Poster putty/Command strips so you don’t have to use ugly blue tape 
  • A portable power bank (my phone died while I was alone in Brooklyn during my first week in nyc and this saved my life) 
  • An open mind ready to accept that you might have peaked in high school, and that it’s okay 


  • Electric kettle if you’re tea obsessed
  • A fish or another small companion (my friend had a crayfish and it was the best purchase we ever made) 
  • Fun room lights!!
  • A speaker (I highly recommend a Google Home/Amazon Alexa typa thing. It’s nice listening to the weather/news in the morning as you get ready) 
  • Plants!!! Fill your room with oxygen and good vibes!!! 
  • A throw blanket for studying in Butler and movie nights 
  • Tide to go sticks
  • Wrinkle release spray or a steamer if you wanna look extra fresh (don’t bring an iron/ironing board) 
  • Travel size bottles to refill with your shampoo and stuff so your shower caddy doesn’t weigh 10,000 pounds (and break like mine did) 
  • Extra pair of glasses if you have them (mine fucking broke during NSOP, what a travesty) 
  • Brita water pitcher! So you don’t have to make 3am trips to the water fountain 
  • Crocs or slippers for walking around your hall 
  • A singular (1) mug
  • A toaster if you’re living in a suite style dorm (they’re not allowed but you can hide them during room inspections and they’re really good for making sure you actually eat breakfast)
  • Eye mask! The shades in some of the dorms barely work so when I finally invested in an eye mask, I slept so much better
  • Extra set of headphones, can be a crappy pair that you can throw in your bag just in case people talk too loud in Ferris or you just want to avoid people in public or fuck yeah you have a great Spotify playlist 

Don’t Bring Random Shit You Don’t Need

  • Don’t bring clothes that you’re iffy on (space is limited and you’ll end up wearing the same outfit everyday–– trust us.) 
  • Don’t bring a printer 
  • Don’t bring 30 pairs of shoes (you’re not going to wear those heels) 
  • Don’t bring unnecessary dorm decor especially if you’re flying here (you can go to Bed Bath & Beyond if you realize you NEED that throw pillow) 
  • Don’t bring your big ego 
  • Don’t bring furniture
  • Don’t bring a full set of kitchenware (you will end up stealing silverware from the dining halls and you won’t cook as much as you think you will)

Seriously, just trust your gut and stick to the basics. When I moved in, I bought everything (!!!) I thought I could possibly need and created unnecessary stress for myself. Also, you don’t have to buy everything at once/before you arrive on campus! Columbia has shuttle buses that take you to/from Bed Bath & Beyond, and you’ll have all year to decorate your room. Bring the things you know you can’t live without, and ditch the rest. You can always get it over winter break if you realize you actually need it. 


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  • is this a packing list for summer camp says:

    @is this a packing list for summer camp hello where is the fake ID?????? u can leave all of this at home except a fake. & the # to your weed man.

    1. anon says:

      @anon This is not high school, dude.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous gonna have to disagree – bring a printer, b/c u never know when ur gonna be running out of ur john jay dorm with minutes left to turn in a paper only to find that pawprint didn’t receive ur document to print

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous or, alternatively, when the printer screws w/ the margins on ur FroSci cheat sheet and there goes an entire units’ worth of notes on duck sex (welcome to columbia)

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