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Houses And Homes: Paris, France

Houses & homes is a summer series in which Bwog highlights the windows of CU students wherever they are. Today’s house and home is brought to you by Alma Bwogger Youngweon Lee from Paris with love. Submit your view and five senses to to be featured!

Where: A tiny apartment in the 13th arrondissement of Paris (which, if you’re looking for an apartment in Paris, will be available after I move out on July 21!)

Sight: A shaft that gives me front-row seats to someone else’s kitchen and a tiny bit of the blue sky

Sound: Sound echoes heavily in my shaft, so I can hear pretty much everything that’s going on in all these windows. It’s 1:40 pm, so some people are eating lunch and some are doing dishes. Workers are downstairs doing things. The Taiwanese restaurant whose back door shares my shaft is cleaning up after their lunch shift. I also hear sirens from the street.

Smell: My green tea candle, hints of other people’s lunch

Touch: My bed, which I’m sitting on

Taste: About to taste some coffee, which I will make after writing this

Did you know I’m in Paris? via Youngweon Lee

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  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous damn youngweon u got a huge shaft

  • Rose Upshur says:

    @Rose Upshur I think this is a great apartment for one person. Very small kitchen! But I really like your bedroom. It is cute) I always dreamed of visiting France. You have a great view from the balcony haha

    1. Youngweon Lee says:

      @Youngweon Lee Thank you! I actually had a roommate :( she was lovely but the apt was quite small for 2

  • a sweaty french man says:

    @a sweaty french man i slept on that floor

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