Gooooood morning! Welcome to your first tip-top Tuesday as a Barnumbia student. Speaking of tips, be sure to direct any anecdotes, overseens/overheards, and weird shit your OL said to your group to via email or this handy form.

Today’s highlights:

Academic & Departmental Resources Fair, 3-5 PM | All students interested in getting acclimated to the departments within the 4 schools, skip over to Roone Auditorium to see what’s available to you. Not as sexy as pizza with your OL group, but important nonetheless.

Alumnae Talk: Ebonie Smith, 6:15-7:15 PM | Barnard students, head to Sulzberger Parlor in Barnard Hall to hear musician/incredibly cool person Ebonie Smith reflect on their time and experience at Barnard. Per the NSOP 2019 guide, Smith is the “founder and chief curator of Gender Amplified—a movement that celebrates and supports women in music production”. Seating is limited, so get there early!

Late night activities: The Amazing Race | 10-12:30 PM CC & SEAS students, head to the Sundial for one of the more fun ways to find your way around campus – I wish my OL had done this. Sounds a lot more exciting than running around in a desperate hurry trying to find your room in Hamilton, that’s for sure!

One thing to do before graduating: Eat dinner on Low Steps and survey your dominion – everything the light touches is our kingdom. You deserve to be here!

From the archives: For those who like to think really, REALLY far ahead, here are some ideas for your thesis… ninety-five, to be precise.

 “What about that shadowy place?” “That is beyond our borders, you must never go there, Simba.” via Youngweon Lee