Good morning, afternoon, Morningside! As NSOP comes to a close and you new students spend your first full weekend on campus, hopefully you’ve gotten a good idea of what 116th has to offer.  (Too late now to commit elsewhere, anyway.)

Tonight’s Highlights:

  • Neighborhood Tours: Hey! You live in New York now! There’s a heck of a lot to see and do here, and it can be overwhelming to try and take it all on by yourself. Tours of Harlem, Midtown, The MET Cloisters and more leave nearly every hour, on the hour. Check your schedules for more.
  • Transfer Ice Cream Social: You scream, I scream, we all scream for fear of what unknown horrors await us this semester. Otherwise, transfers scream for ice cream! Socialize with your fellow classmates over games, music, and food. (All those on the Transfer Student Service Outing at 9:45 AM should be back in time for this event.) Math Lawn, 1 PM.
  • Open Mic Night: Come on down to Roone Arledge Auditorium at 8 PM (but come on down at 5 PM to sign up)! Sing a song, crack some jokes, and glean some ideas for your Lit Hum creative project.
  • JJ’s Place Open: Literally right now. John Jay, left stairs. GO GO GO GO GO GO 

One Thing To Do Before Graduating: Get a Citi Bike (use the Lyft app, it’s easier) and bike the perimeter of Manhattan in the late afternoon/early evening. It’s good exercise, a great way to explore this little island, and a great photo excursion, as the header image surely demonstrates.

(Also – specifically for the Carman ’23s – never setting foot in Lerner.)

From The Archives: Speaking of excursions, did you know that Columbia has multiple campuses? There’s the Medical Center on 168th, the burgeoning Manhattanville Campus on 125th, and the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory in the damn Palisades. This is a Place To Visit Before Graduating.

Award-winning photography courtesy of… an Android