The weekend is all fun and games, so start your Saturday with a bit of play. 

Happening in the World: Do you recall the program application called “Scratch”? It enables users to create various stories, animations, or miniature games. Well, in Lagos, Nigeria, Basil Okpara Jr. has been utilizing Scratch to produce more than 30 mobile games. This 9-year-old builds games to “keep busy when [he is] bored,” and it’s possible that you can play his games when you’re bored, too. (CNN)

Happening in the US: Screen time consumes most of our lives, but these tech executives are not letting their children get text neck. CEOs and founders of major companies, like Google and Snapchat, are conscious of the consequences of spending too much time in front of a monitor–no matter what the size. If these influential moguls can make the effort to limit their offspring’s TV watching and Candy Crush playing, so can you. (Business Insider)

Happening in NYC: Did you go too hard the last time you were in the thralls of a game? Is the approach of midterms putting a damper on your zen? Perhaps you should just breathe it out at the 600-foot canvas in Central Park. Paint a single stroke of blue paint, and watch your worries slip away as you exhale. (NBC)

Happening on Campus: If you’re in the search of a movie retreat but can’t dish out the money to cover an overpriced ticket, search no further. Take advantage of this FREE movie showing at the Lenfest Center for the Arts; come to the Katharina Otto-Bernstein Screening Room at either 11 am or 3 pm to view the Oscar-winning film, Inside Out.

Weekly Song Recommendation: “Burning Down the House” from the Talking Heads transports you to the era of synthesizers and enormous hair, and objectively, it is an extremely playful tune. Join me in my time traveling endeavors, and listen to this bop.

jovial ball pit happenings via Wikimedia