Happening in the world: Britain is totally, definitely, absolutely leaving the EU on October 31, according to Boris Johnson, the new Prime Minister of the U.K. who has faced setback after setback in Parliament. These comments follow Parliament passing a law forcing Johnson to ask for an extension from the EU to the Brexit date, which was originally scheduled for March 29, 2o19, and is now scheduled for October 31.

Happening in the US: The Trump administration has officially come out as anti-clean water, as the EPA rolls back Obama-era regulations that protect large and small bodies of water across the country.

Happening in NYC: A backlash is mounting against the commonplace practice of NYPD officers declaring that they smell marijuana in order to search vehicles after traffic stops, led by April Newbauer, a judge in the Bronx.

Happening on Campus: If you feel like testing your Friday the 13th luck, the annual career fair for all undergraduate students (CC, SEAS, GS,and Barnard) is open from 12 to 4 in Lerner. Click here for the complete list of employers that will have a presence there.

Zack’s Internet Ephemeron Of The Day: There’s a subreddit where every day a bot posts whether or not it’s Friday the 13th. Even though most days it’s not Friday the 13th, the posts still get hundreds of upvotes and tens of comments every day. Seeing as today is Friday the 13th, expect things to get crazy over on that corner of the internet.

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