It’s the start of a new year here at Columbia. The sun is shining.  The birds are singing. The semester is just beginning, and you decide it’s time for a tattoo. But not just any tattoo, a Columbia University themed tattoo.

Maybe the heady days of NSOP have inspired you, maybe the return to campus has filled you with a newfound love of all things pantone 292, or maybe alma matter’s imposing figure has reignited your school spirit.

Whatever the reason, I, with my vast knowledge of tattoos (being the proud owner of THREE), am here to help you make this difficult decision. Come with me as I take you on a journey through the many Columbia themed inks that you can have etched on your body forever.

  1. Butler Library. Keeping it straight forward to begin with, a nice, tasteful outline of Butler would look good anywhere on the body- from forearm to forehead.
  2. Greek. Something. I’ll be honest, I didn’t listen too much during Lit Hum but I’m sure you could find a quote to make you look smart. This piece will definitely scream intellectual.
  3. The Crown. A classic but a great option nonetheless, the Columbia crown would be a good addition to any collection of tattoos or effective on its own, too. I, personally, imagine it perched on the head of a small octopus, but the design is entirely up to you.
  4. Ferris Pizza. It’s a bit more out there but bear with me. Imagine: a minimalist etching of the solitary slice of pizza, curling slightly at the edges, sitting lonely on that giant metal pan waiting for someone to scoop it up onto their cardboard plate. Alternatively: JJ’s curly fries.
  5. Bookstore Receipt. No words needed.
  6. Every single book ever purchased from this great institution. See above: get your money’s worth. Plus, no need to carry books to class!
  7. PrezBo. For this, I am seeing his face as a full back tattoo but there are so many options available to you. Tattooing his face on yours, for example, remains a great choice.
  8. Rat. One rat or multiple rats, you decide how our furry friends appear on your body. Similar could be said for our other non human companions:  cockroaches.
  9. BLUE. If all other options don’t quite capture your love of Columbia, you could always just blue yourself.