Welcome to CLCV UN4014: Classical Archetypes in the Modern World. In this lecture series, your Arts Editor and Helen of Troy Apologist Riva Weinstein will introduce various applications of the heroic archetype and monomyth narrative as a cognitive outline for present-day performative persona. While there are no prerequisites for this class, more than 2 absences will result in your being sacrificed to Poseidon.

OEDIPUS: The CULPA reviews prophesied he would be… incestuous, but this is just absurd.

HERAKLES: Graduating in 3 years just isn’t worth it.

PERSEUS: It’s just really hard to be impressed with him when he has this many gifts from the gods.

ACHILLES: Not every high school valedictorian takes the transition to college well.

ODYSSEUS: Makes it home… eventually.

Images via Riva Weinstein