Classes are in full swing and our field notes officially are too! Here’s what we were up to during our glorious can’t-stop-won’t-stop-NSOP. If you have any wild, wild notes from the field or things you did you’d like to share, submit it at or in the comments below.

Bwog Spent Some Dough…

  • Eagerly bought a full mac from the eco sale only to later realize it was PowerPC-based (not Intel), rendering it a comically large paperweight
  • Threw up in an Uber after a work party with an open bar. Spent the $200 I saved on alcohol on the cleaning fee.
  • Took five separate Ubers in one day
  • Got soaking wet waiting in line for EcoReps but also got a good deal on notebooks
  • Acquired various cool lighting systems from EcoReps
  • Bought nearly identical sandwiches from two different stores ten hours and two blocks apart and took like ten minutes to realize why my dinner tasted so familiar

Bwog Had Some Lows….

  • Just… forgot everyone’s name. Even mine
  • Cried in a storage locker
  • Got locked out of my Plimpton room twice
  • Was late to my floor meeting
  • Had the subway turnstiles hip check me – twice – after foolishly thinking I could swipe my MetroCard only once
  • Finished a bottle of wine with SIX (6!!!!) percent alcohol content w a friend
  • Pretended I was a freshman with a different name
  • Arrived at 6:59 to a broadway show that started at 7
  • Have yet to have a full conversation with any of my suitemates

….While Some Of Us At Bwog Were Just Simply On The Go

  • Had to last-minute change my flight to escape Hurricane Dorian
  • Spent ~7 hours a day for 5 days straight in a windowless Mudd classroom. (I understand why engineers are Like That now.)
  • Played on the swings in Riverside Park to celebrate (?) the beginning of the semester.
  • Went to the beach
  • Cooked a lot in my new dorm kitchen
  • Went home for a weekend and escaped the freshmen and one transfer in particular
  • Got part of my sofa delivered by Columbia Mail to my dorm room

Live-action shot of all of us, collectively coming in for the kill at EcoReps this weekend via Pixabay