New Bwogger Eliza Staples adores her suitemate for putting up with her terrifying habit of sleepwalking and talking.

Coming to college means having new experiences, in every sense of the word. Many of these happen with the people we’re randomly assigned to live with: our roommates. An experience that my roommate will probably never forget is the time that I scared the absolute shit out of her last week. The story that I’m about to tell comes to me secondhand, from my suitemate, Eveline. I don’t remember any of these events, as I was out like a light. I guess in a sense, this is really her horror story. But I felt personally horrified when she told me the previous night’s events that I unknowingly participated in. 

Before we begin, I must preface with the fact that I’ve never been a good sleeper. I’m prone to nightmares and surreal dreams, I get up every night to pee without fail, and I’m known to kick and move throughout the night. There have even periods throughout my life in which I have woken up many nights in a row at the exact same time.

Now that you have the background to understand my ever losing battle against achieving a restful night’s sleep, I can begin recounting the events of that fateful night. My suitemate, Eveline, was procrastinating at her desk in our suite’s common room around 11 pm this past Saturday night. I had retired to my room a few hours earlier that night. She heard me yelling “No! No! No!” from my room. She wasn’t super worried: she said she just thought it was one of my infamous nightmares or an intense phone call.

This is the point where shit gets crazy. 

Apparently, I staggered slowly out of my room and stood in front of her. I was extremely pale with wide eyes. I started muttering incoherently. Eveline, already freaked, asked who I had been talking to back in my room. I responded, “Just this girl, I met her in PH.” (Awake me has no idea what PH is. If you know, I’ll Venmo you four dollars). 

I continued to mutter and then said I had to pee. I tried unsuccessfully to open our main door but evidently, forgot how locks worked. Eveline had to actually get up and unlock the door for me. I peed successfully, as far as I know, and went back to sleep in my room. But my poor, sweet suitemate, Eveline, ran back to her room and had to keep the lights on for an extensive period of time before she could fall asleep.

My RA covered a lot during NSOP, including keeping the bathroom tidy and study tips. She failed, however, to address what to do if your suitemate demonically stumbles into the room, claims to be talking to someone from PH, forgets how to open your door, and scares the absolute hell out of you. I can’t really blame my RA fully though, even though my suitemate is concerned that I’m the Antichrist. Where do we go from here?

jovial ghosts (i.e. not what haunted me) via PxHere