Throughout the summer, Bwog Staff spent their times in cool locations around the globe. On this, the last day of Summer 2019, we bring you a tropical installment of Houses & Homes.

Where: A rental home on Little Conch Key, just north of Marathon in the Florida Keys.

Sight: The mangroves directly in front of me and the ocean beyond that. A crane is slowly walking along the shoreline in the shallow water, looking for her dinner.

Sound: I hear the subtle buzz of mosquitoes zipping along the Mangroves, the sizzling of the grill behind me, and the pool’s heater humming steadily.

Smell: The distinct smell of swamp lingers along the ends of the property, where I’m currently sitting, from the mangroves.

Touch: The sun-worn cushion of the outdoor cushion I’m sitting on. And the sun on my skin, if that counts.

Taste: My orange Gatorade, still cold from the fridge. And soon, grilled chicken, once my dad finishes grilling.