I dream of a time where kids’ shows weren’t awful. And yesterday, I realized that she has a stronger connection to them than before.

Long gone are the days that I could be driven home from school, grab a CapriSun from the fridge, and sit down in front of the television to watch my favorite shows. Among some of my favorites were iCarly, Good Luck Charlie, and Wizards of Waverly Place. Because I spent so much time watching these shows, I obviously still remember most of their names and some of the plot lines, even today as a nineteen year old.

Yesterday morning, I was scrolling on my Instagram and saw that Barstool Columbia had posted a video of Reed Alexander, better known as Nevel Papperman. He was on Low steps seemingly obliging to a request by undergrad students to say his famous line: “You’ll rue the day! You’ll rue it!” He had a backpack on and a coffee in hand, typical of most Columbia students. Then I Googled him. He’s currently attending the Journalism School!

Although it doesn’t say it on his Wikipedia page, Reed Alexander attended my high school in Florida. Therefore, as an undergrad, I kind of share two alma maters with Nevel Papperman: my high school and Columbia.

I’m not sure what I’m to do with this information, but it really did make me happy on yesterday’s cold and rainy day.

Reed Alexander, if you or your agents are reading this: hi! Second of all, if you could drop me a line at eva@bwog.com, you would not only make my week but my year.