I think about Russian Doll (the TV show) on a daily basis. I lived in Nuss when they filmed at Le Monde. That’s crazy! I want to be Natasha Lyonne when I grow up. I think she’s the coolest person ever. Also Nadia, especially when Greta Lee calls her a cockroach and Nadia says she’s not a kakaroach, like the kakaroach I saw in a bike shop in the UWS a few days ago. I also love that this show is like set in the East Village, which is where Lucy’s (and a lot of other things) is. I miss Kyla! I hope NYU Local is doing well. It’s so weird coming back to New York. I miss the Reid Hall lounge. I can’t believe my life is just a constant state of yearning now. Does Nadia have people she misses? Sweet birthday baby!

My queen via Bwog Archives