We’re back with Science Fair, Bwog’s weekly curated list of interesting STEM-related talks, symposiums, and events happening on campus. For science and non-science majors alike, our list will bring you events that will satisfy your scientific curiosity for everything from astronomy to zoology, and everything in between.

For anyone, related-majors and non-majors alike:

  • Columbia Health Flu Fair – Lerner
    • Tuesday, October 1, 11am-4pm, Lerner Hall, click here for more information
    • The most effective means to limit the spread of illness is to get a flu vaccine. With just your Columbia University ID, you can receive a free flu shot. No appointments are needed – shots are provided on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Voices from Ecology, the Arts, and Faith-Led Approaches to Nature Conservation (OFF CAMPUS)
    • Thursday, October 3, 6:30pm, American Museum of Natural History, Click here for free RSVP
    • “Understanding life on Earth, how to sustain it, and how to live with nature in equitable ways are the fundamental challenges of our time—challenges that are scientific and social. Join us for a lively panel discussion exploring faith-based, ecological, and cultural approaches to conservation as we consider how different human endeavors have contributed creative solutions to environmental challenges.”
  • Women in Science and Engineering Conference
    • Friday, October 4, 9:30am-4pm, CEPSR Davis Auditorium, Click here for free RSVP
    • “The WISE Conference is designed to educate and inspire women from all backgrounds to prepare for and pursue graduate degrees and careers in the fields of science and engineering. Conference attendees will learn about the challenges, opportunities, and the rewards of being a woman engineer or scientist.”
  • CU Astronomy Public Outreach Presents “Undead Worlds: Planets Around White Dwarfs”
    • Friday, October 4, 8pm, Pupin Hall, Click here for more information
    • These are free lectures at a public level followed by guided stargazing with telescopes (weather permitting). All events are held at Pupin Hall at Columbia University. No reservations are needed. Lectures are 30 minutes, stargazing lasts 90 minutes. Stay only as long as you want.
  • Disinformation and Elections in East and Southeast Asia: Digital Futures and Fragile Democracies
    • Thursday, October 3 – Friday, October 4 (all day), Pulitzer Hall World Room, click here for more information
    • A recent series of elections in Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and indeed across Asia has highlighted the salience of digital media in political campaigns and insidious modes of electoral manipulation. This two-day workshop aims to gather evidence into the operations and impact of digital disinformation in the context of recent Asian elections.

Intended for more advanced students of the given field (but still open for all interested individuals):

  • SEAS Colloquium in Climate Science: “Arctic Sea Ice Predictability in a Changing Cryosphere”
    • Thursday, October 3, 2:45-3:45pm, Mudd Hall Room 214, Click here for more information
    • “In this talk, I will address three related questions: (1) What is the inherent predictability of Arctic sea ice? (2) What physical mechanisms underlie this predictability? and (3) How can this knowledge be leveraged to improve operational sea ice predictions?”

image via wikimedia commons