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Bwog Murder Mystery: What Killed My Insides At John Jay?

It was approximately 19:30 p.m. on Tuesday when the victim, Victoria Arancio, entered John Jay to partake in the Taste of Italy event. Instead of having a casual and fun meal, her dinner party led to her demise: but what was the cause of her untimely death?

The victim entered the dining hall Tuesday evening with a friend. The dining hall was packed, yet all students were unable to witness the crime that was to occur. Arancio and her friend had a seemingly normal dinner together until the victim was found later at her residence, experiencing an acute allergic reaction to her meal, which upset her stomach, made the skin around her mouth tighten and itch, and caused emotional distraught. What was once a warm and welcoming dining hall became our crime scene. We are asking for any and all assistance in finding the culprit responsible for this suffering. Arancio’s roommates are giving a $20 reward to anyone who would be able to find answers so that they can stop hearing about it.


Suspect #1: Mr. Calamari
The prime suspect spent the most amount of time with the victim before her stomach began to turn and her face tightened from an untimely allergic reaction. Taking up the most amount of room on her plate, Calamari and its likely oily, unsavory and contaminated past provides probable cause.
Suspect #2: Mrs. Caprese
Although a minor addition to the meal, Mrs. Caprese was sought after by Arancio for her colorful mix of tomato, mozzarella, and basil. Mrs. Caprese is popular with many others sitting in the dining hall that night. Mrs. Caprese and the victim have had an amicable relationship throughout the victim’s life, and motive and timing to strike on this night appears unclear.
Suspect #3: Mr. Chocolate Cupcake
Mr. Cupcake was the last person to have seen the suspect alive. The victim’s friend did say that his past experience with the suspect was poor, as he happened to have an allergic reaction when coming into contact with Cupcake.
Suspect #4: John Jay Dining Hall
Was this all just a big cover up to silence one of John Jay’s loudest critics?

The victim drank water, unlikely to have done any significant damage to her system. Her friend is one of the kindest people on Earth, and has also been ruled out as he is unlikely to have poisoned her while she went for seconds. The victim is also aware that she should be eating more balanced meals.

If you or someone have any information, please reach out to our 24/7 email tip hotline at

Taste of Italy via Wikimedia Commons

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