Cheers to the weekend and to the inevitable strengthening of Earth’s storm systems! Yay!

Happening in the World: Typhoon Hagibis made landfall in Japan and caused the loss of power in nearly 1,000 homes in and around the capital city, Tokyo. Seven million people were urged to evacuate, and depending on the accuracy of meteorologists’ predictions, it very well may be the strongest typhoon to hit Japan since Typhoon Vera in 1959. (BBC)

Happening in the US: A family of vacationers found a “large, dark object” floating in the water, which was later determined to be a package of cocaine worth $600,000. This package is thought to have washed up at South Carolina’s Fripp Island because of Hurricane Dorian, so thank you, Mother Nature, for keeping our lives entertaining. (CNN)

Happening in NYC: Just before 7 am this morning, police got a call reporting a shooting that occurred in a social club in Crown Heights. Four men died at the scene, and another five were taken to hospitals nearby. No arrests have been made thus far, but two guns were found and obtained at the scene. (ABC)

Happening on Campus: Columbia New Music is hosting a spooky season jam sesh, better known as the “Columbia New Music Fall Concert 1: Halloween Bash,” which will commence tonight at 8 pm in the Sulzberger Parlor, located within Barnard Hall. Get scared and feel sPoOkY!! (Facebook)

Weekly Song Recommendation: “we fell in love in october” by girl in red exudes fall vibes. The melody is chill–indicative through the lack of capitalization in not only the title of the song, but also the artist’s name–and somewhat nostalgic. Listen to this song when you’re feeling slightly emo and slightly relaxed, or listen when you are attempting to feel nostalgic while staring out the window on Milstein’s third floor. It’s up to you.

“Typhoon Soudelor Seen from the ISS” via NASA Earth Observatory