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Halloween Parties And Discounted Sweaters: A Trip To GSSC

CCSC Bureau Chief Adam Kluge crosses the political aisle for the week, exploring the various happenings within the General Studies Student Council. If you can do the job better, apply to be the new GSSC Bureau Chief!

Upon entering the Satow Room for my second time this week, I was met with two immediate realizations. The first involved the various microphones set up along the tables of the conference space, allowing the representatives that make up GSSC to better articulate their most distinguished thoughts. I’m telling you, guys… this may be my first impression, but GSSC might be the closest thing that this institution has to the House of Representatives. High- tech. Period.

My second realization had to do with the start time of these meetings. Now, I have lamented about this before, but it is really starting to perplex me. Do any of our campus governing bodies begin their general body meetings at the designated time? Are the members aware that anytime after 7 on a Tuesday evening is already late for me to be away from the comfort of my bed? Additionally, it would be nice to eat dinner before 9 PM tonight. Then again, that’s my own fault. So, in the spirit of taking accountability, let’s move on…

The meeting began as all political meetings must: with a roll-call. There are 21 currently active members of GSSC, though interviews to fill a variety of vacant positions (namely Social Media Representative, Special Events Chair, Family and Working Students Representative, and Community Service/Sustainability Representative) did conclude on September 28th. 

Following this, GSSC President Christopher Thompson outlined the continuing success of the MetroCard Pilot program, which has been so successful thus far that the Council is now rolling out a second phase of this program. This will allow for GS students to take public transport to and from campus, especially during exam weeks. Thompson took this opportunity to make a quick quip about midterms (Only two weeks away, guys), and I promptly shit my pants. Anyways…

Thompson went on to introduce the first event for the newly-introduced GS Senior Fund, which will be held at Fumo tomorrow evening, allowing a fantastic event to collaborate with the Alumni Fund. The Senior Fund was later advertised by Senior Class President Matthew Linsky, who explained that the Senior Fund is not a solution to the ongoing struggle that GS has with Financial Aid, but is a way for GSSC to show a compelling level of support for the 61 years of alumna that have graduated from GS.

GSSC Chief of Communications Lenny Ciotti spoke about the continuing update of the GSSC website, with additional information and pictures being added to the site. Additionally, Ciotti did speak about the need to continue to revise the pages relating to the Council bi-laws, as well as certain GSSC initiatives.

Senior Class President Matthew Linsky introduced a variety of additional campus life events, including the first Lerner Pub being held this Thursday, 10/3, from 8:30 to 11:30. This event is organized as a way for seniors within the four undergraduate schools on Columbia’s campus to build community. Additionally, Linsky spoke about the promo code for Class of 2020 sweaters, which takes $20 off of the listing price of $75 (what is this, Patagonia?). The code, which seems like the right thing to embrace, expires tomorrow (10/2).

GSSC Chief of Campus Life Carolyn Christenson spoke about an early Halloween party being held at Mel’s on 10/30 (essentially, Senior Night, but with ghosts and shit), with $5 admission. Additionally, Christenson spoke about the proposed budget for Snack Attacks, held during Midterm week, in order to provide food for GS students. There will also be a homecoming event held on Friday, 10/18, with the four undergraduate school student councils tabling on the Sundial, and giving out ice cream and rally towels. Christenson also mentioned Basketball Mania, being held on 10/24, which serves as a pep rally for the basketball season. I still have no idea what a basketball pep rally, or game, consists of, but there is a grand prize of free tuition for an entire year being offered, if a variety of basketball skills are performed in an allotted period of time. So that’s, you know, cool.

In the areas of new business, two amendments were proposed and voted upon by GSSC during Tuesday’s meeting. Firstly, the position of Technology Chair was upgraded to that of a GSSC officer, allowing full voting rights to that individual. Secondly, the Veterans Representative was voted to sit on the Policy Committee, as opposed to the Campus Life Committee.

Additionally, GSSC approved a co-sponsorship with the Chinese Night Market event, meant to increase awareness about Chinese and South Asian cultural pursuits across the four undergraduate schools.

There was no standing business for the weekend, but a discussion was had on whether or not it was appropriate for those on GSSC to submit their reasoning for abstaining from certain votes following general body meetings. The general explanation had to do with representatives’ responsibility to answer ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ in order to accommodate the student body being spoken for. Additionally, there was mention of a new Clinical and Psychological Services (CPS) service, known as Problem-Solving, which will serve as a drop-in opportunity for students to speak to counselors about anything that may be contributing to their stress. This will be introduced to the entire student body in the coming weeks.

That about sums up this week’s meeting, though I am sure I missed some information while pondering the prospect of free tuition. Anyways, if this position interests you, or you have a particular appreciation for school politics, apply to be the GSSC Bureau Chief (or deal with my ramblings for far longer than you have to)!


spooky basketball via Bwog Archives


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