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Myers-Briggs Types for Carman Floors

You already know the stereotypes for every Freshman dorm on Columbia’s campus. But do you know the personality type for each Carman Floor? 


The Myers-Briggs Test shows one’s psychological type. The first letter (E or I) indicates whether one is extroverted or introverted, while the second letter (S or N) indicates whether one process information through sensing or intuition. The third letter (T or F) shows if one makes decisions through thinking or feeling, while the last letter (J or P) shows if one interacts with the world through judging or perceiving. 


Below are the Myers-Briggs Types for each Carman floor. 


M: “The Inspector” (ISTJ) 

Formal. Responsible. Traditional. With an unrenovated floor, not many people linger on M. Keeping with Columbia’s traditional architecture, Floor M represents the quiet, peaceful, and old-school “Inspector.” 


2: “The Defender” (ISFJ) 

Also an unrenovated floor, many of the residents on Two don’t hang out in the lobby as much as other floors. As a result, this floor is more reserved, just like “The Defenders.”


3:  “The Protagonist” (ENFJ)

The girls on this floor are tight. They support one another through everything and are seen in groups as they work together and build a stronger community.


4: “The Entertainer” (ESFP) 

Shattered glass doors twice? Cockroaches? This floor loves to be the center of attention. The so-called “Floor Four Curse” happens to affect every resident differently. This floor is bold, loud, and shine in the spotlight. 


5: “The Debater” (ENTP)

This floor has some loud, chaotic energy. No matter what floor you’re on, you can probably hear Floor Five residents shouting as they play Super Smash on the lounge television. With opinionated speakers, Floor 5 hosts fearless and independent thinkers.  


6: “The Mediator” (INFP)

Although it’s a quieter floor, residents on Floor Six try to make deep and long-lasting connections with one another. They search for ways to improve situations and enjoy a fun, calm time together. 


7: “The Executive” (ESTJ)

They know how to focus and how to have fun. Residents on this floor guide one another and are diligent and focused. They embody working hard and bringing people together. 


8: “The Entrepreneur” (ESTP)

This floor is filled with people who like to bounce between different social groups. They, like Floor 7, know how to mix work and play. These residents are energetic and fun. 


9: “The Campaigner” (ENFP)

Floor 9 loves to socialize. They’re the ones Freshmen look to for hosting a good time. They look for social connections and actively build friendships with all those around them. 


10: “Consul” (ESFJ)

Floor 10 has a big lounge culture. There’s always bound to be a group of people studying together in between loud jokes. They support one another while having loads of fun. 


11: “The Architect” (INTJ)

Floor 11 is the floor with more quiet and reserved people. While the lounge may be empty most days, this floor hosts many athletes that make the energy on game days busy. 


12: “The Advocate” (INFJ)

People on this floor are more reserved, but they always lend a helping hand. They bond together well and make fun plans with each other. 


13: “Logician” (INTP)

Floor 13 has some lingering people in the lounge, but the residents stick mainly off-campus or on other floors. For those who do converse in the lounge, you can see their loud creativity in their lively conversations. 


Low because I couldn’t find a picture of Carmen via the Bwarchives

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