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The Hangover: CCSC Post-Homecoming

CCSC Bureau Chief Adam Kluge returns, now entirely dependent on cold pizza and Advil to get him through midterm season, to report on the comings and goings in the room where icons are made.

Today’s CCSC meeting began as they usually do, though there seemed to be a subtle apprehension in the room. Conversation was chaotic, echoing the winds and rain that were accelerating quickly just outside the windows of the Satow Room, until the reassuring voice of CCSC President Patricia Granda-Malaver (CC ’20) announced the start of the proceedings. The room grew quiet, and it was business as always. The calm before (during?) the storm, if you will. All very fitting following a weekend of excitement and unexpected thrills, such as the dramatic victory Columbia Lions Football achieved over rival Penn at Saturday’s Homecoming game. Roar.

Anyways, onto the council. The meeting began with the typical social media blast, as Granda-Malaver attempted to project over the room of rambunctious politicians (Side note: If this sort of fuckery exists within the American Congress, Nancy Pelosi really is an absolute champion among women). In the world of University Senators, Heven Haile explained that the Incarcerated Women Book Drive is continuing to do well, and the Committee on the Status of Women should be publicizing information pertaining to the increased distribution of menstrual products in the coming days. Academic Affairs representative Zayba Qamar Hspoke about upcoming workshops regarding academic integrity, as we reach the long-awaited end of this year’s midterm season. Disability Services representative Robert Vogel spoke heavily about continuing work towards making the housing selection process more equitable for students with disabilities, an announcement that led to a jubilant round of applause from CCSC as a whole. Gender and Sexuality representative Kwolanne Felix will be meeting with other representatives and staff in Multicultural Affairs and LGBT life on campus to discuss the furthering of various task forces, as well as movement towards more work on anti-discrimination policies at Columbia. International Students representative Joon Baek will be reaching out about how the travel ban has impacted Columbia students attempting to travel to and from their home countries during academic breaks.

In the world of class councils, Sophomore Class President Andy Baran spoke about the pumpkin painting event that will be occurring in the McBain Lounge on Thursday, 10/24, from 6-8 PM. They will also be serving what they call Alma Cider. You tried, CCSC 2022. Junior Class President Riley Swain will be interviewing class representative replacements on Monday evening, 10/21. Additionally, Freshman Class council spoke about continuing efforts to form class committees, as the newbies settle into their respective role in student government. Senior Class President (yeah, we were all out of order today, guys) James Ritchie explained that the October Fest event that will be held this Saturday, 10/26, from 1-4 PM. As expected, there will be a great deal of alcohol, cider, and JJ’s sauerkraut. As the Germans say, sehr gut (or something).

The Executive Board, as always, came in clutch with their own announcements. VP of Policy Henry Feldman (CC ’21) mentioned several upcoming meetings regarding climate change, as well as meetings related to book drives and textbook ability (which will involved Barnes & Noble in the conversation). VP of Communications Blessing Utomi (CC ’22) explained that the final initiatives related to Lions in the City are being completed. As a reminder, Lions in the City is a way for Columbia students to experience various cultural, artistic, and academic pursuits in the greater New York City area. In the world of Homecoming recaps, VP of Campus Life Jesús Guerra Ocampo (CC ’20) lauded Homecoming 2019 as a success. I will be honest in saying that, as for the parts I remember, I must concur.

There was more talk on Basketball Mania. Personally, I am looking forward to this event (which will be held this Thursday, 10/24) being over. I truly never thought that this position would find me writing about sports so very often. 

CCSC President Patricia Granda-Malaver went on to lead the passing of a motion regarding additional co-sponsorships, with many representatives agreeing that more creative events would allow for further organic engagement with CCSC

Of course, there were other topics discussed, but I have a horrid post-nasal drip at the moment, and the Satow Room has an abhorrently low amount of tissues. Until next time…

This could be your pumpkin! via MaxPixel

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