You know that moment when you’re fishing in your bag for your phone charger and gradually begin questioning why you haven’t felt it in there yet, and then your heartbeat quickens and the dread sinks in as you realize it’s not there? Yeah, it sucks. But it’s ok! Because we’ve all been there. 

To help you feel better about yourself, here’s a list of some things Bwoggers have lost during their time at Columbia. 

  • IDs
  • Wallets
  • Keys
  • Debit cards
  • Umbrellas 
  • Hair ties
  • Mechanical pencils
  • 8357398457 water bottles
  • one pink sock in the Plimpton laundry room 
  • Airpods on low steps
  • False lashes at a frat party 
  • Fake airpods
  • A juul on the first day of NSOP 
  • Half a bottle of Adderall
  • A 900 page novel 
  • One (1) shoe at Dodge
  • A trombone
  • A real fuzzy fleece :((
  • A curtain rack in riverside church
  • An umbrella in some weird architecture class during the shopping period a month ago when I decided to leave 20 minutes into a 3 hr lecture because I hated it so much and was too scared to go back and get it
  • My naïvete
  • My will to get out of bed in the morning
  • My dreams of becoming a lawyer 
  • My respect for Columbia as an institution
  • My dignity

To the really nice muji eraser I lost a few days ago:  I miss you. And I hope you’ve found a new owner who is treating you well. 

Sad umbrella via Bwog Archives