What is Bwog thankful for this year? We’re glad you asked. 

Bwog’s break will commence after the publishing of this post, but we’ll be back on Monday, December 2nd for more holiday shenanigans. We at Bwog wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful break.

For this year’s Thanksgiving sign off, I decided to compile a collection of what various Bwoggers are thankful for:

  1. The morning staff members of Strokos. When I stop by before my 8:40, they always remember my order (whole wheat bagel with raisin walnut cream cheese) and crack jokes with me, never failing to make me laugh and smile.
  2. ButCaf’s chocolate chip muffins
  3. All of my professors for being really good
  4. Having gotten used to my small room
  5. Fall foliage
  6. The Impeachment Proceedings™
  7. The opportunities I’ve had this year to learn from my classmates and friends
  8. London Calling
  9. Elvis Costello
  10. The Rock and Roll Instruments Exhibit at the Met
  11. Maggie Rogers
  12. My brother for sending me pictures of our cats
  13. Riverside Park
  14. Hewitt’s french vanilla cappuccinos
  15. All the incredible people I’ve met in the past 3 months
  16. Dunkin’ Donuts
  17. Barnard’s English department faculty
  18. My sisters that I miss very dearly (we are planning to wreak havoc during thanksgiving by pregaming dinner if things get dull).
  19. The great view from the top floor of my 110 dorm
  20. People that hold the emergency exits open at subway stations
  21. Trader Joe’s
  22. My employer, for money
  23. The weather in NY
  24. My mother for nurturing me from afar
  25. My other mother, Eva, for nurturing me from nearby
  26. IMATS for hiring and mentoring me (even though I knew close to nothing about media equipment at first)
  27. My cat Muffin
  28. The view from my dorm room
  29. My friends from home who I cherish and miss every day
  30. My friends from here who I get to see every day and still can’t get enough of
  31. Ham Deli’s egg and cheese everything bagels
  32. My dingle
  33. Good d*ck. good friends. good food. good alcohol. (in that order)
  34. My friends’ constant support
  35. My sister Facetiming me to put my dog onscreen
  36. My lineage
  37. My bed
  38. Cold water
  39. Lactaid
  40. Good-smelling soap
  41. The heating in my room for consistently keeping my cube at a solid 80 degrees (i appreciate u <3)
  42. My university writing professor, Emily Foster, for being a good human and professor
  43. Jumbo-sized yellow post-it notes
  44. My angel of a roommate
  45. Rocks with smiley faces on them
  46. The view from Sulz tower
  47. My student Jstor subscription
  48. Living in the theater capital of the world
  49. I c e d  c o f f e e
  50. My horrible friends who call me a furry, even though I am NOT
  51. My suitemates, especially my roommate who is caring and patient and brings me coffee <3
  52. Beginning Poetry Workshop with Brian Wiora
  53. “Desafinado,” especially the version with Stan Getz and Charlie Byrd
  54. My mom, who sends me stories and doesn’t get mad when I don’t text her back
  55. Bodega cat at Samad’s Gourmet
  56. The women who work at the bagel station in John Jay!!!
  57. The soft glow of my fairy lights & the buildings across the Hudson when I’m up late
  58. My advisor for being famous in the neuroscience field and finding me research in 2 seconds
  59. Ruby for putting up with my bullshit
  60. My girlfriend’s mother’s mac-and-cheese recipe
  61. The cocktails at ZZ’s Clam Bar in the Village
  62. The National
  63. The fine folks who work at JJ’s
  64. The piano lessons I had growing up
  65. Friends who are willing to put up with my constant stream of bullshit
  66. The IFC Center
  67. The pigeons that bless this campus
  68. My sisters who are always there for me
  69. My psychiatrist! having a dysfunctional brain would be so much more difficult if I didn’t have a doctor who listened to me and did her best to make my life easier.
  70. Dean Kuan Tsu for being the ultimate GOAT
  71. My friends who I would literally die for and who I know would kill for me.
  72. Book Club!
  73. (Most of) my professors for being so understanding during one of the most difficult semesters of my life.
  74. CLIO!
  75. My fellowship for allowing me to study something I love and guiding me toward a future I now think is possible.
  76. Columbia, as the collection of students who go to this school (not the institution that makes it so difficult to be a student here).
  77. My lineage. We’re so powerful I can’t comprehend it.
  78. The blessed orb
  79. Wellbutrin
  80. Dogs that weigh less than ten pounds
  81. Pixar
  82. Professors who grant extensions without giving me a hard time or asking questions
  83. CULPA
  84. Truffles
  85. Seinfeld
  86. My beautiful friends who I love
  87. The view across the Hudson from my kitchen window
  88. My mom and sister who I get to see TOMORROW!
  89. The Sun

I’m going to sign off #90 with Bwog. When I first joined Bwog, I had no idea how this social, caring, and collaborative community would impact my life. I didn’t know how Bwoggers rush to each other’s side to help with difficult posts, I didn’t know how to cover a serious event, and I especially did not know the importance of Good Green Grapes. I didn’t know that journalism can be fun and light and unique; A creator eustress, rather than one of distress. Thank you to everyone on Bwog for making this semester better than anything I could have imagined. Thank you to the readers of Bwog; I hope you all find your Barnumbia home as well (It could be here, Sundays at 9pm in Lerner 510). Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all a good night.

Gratitude via Bwog Archives