As we settle down into the finals grind, some lucky seniors will find their hard work recognized with induction into Phi Beta Kappa, the oldest, and most prestigious, liberal arts and sciences academic honor society in the United States.

Every year, 10% of the graduating class is recognized for their academic breadth and achievement, with 2% (Junior Phi Beta Kappa) elected in the fall and the remaining 8% in the spring. Columbia College announced its Fall inductees last Friday, Nov. 22.

The Class of 2020 Junior Phi Beta Kappa members are:

Arman Azad
Matthew Bowers
Chiara Caraccio
Michelle Chan
Yankang Bennie Chen
Ben Church
Mehrdad Dariush
Marcel Dupont
Georgia Essig
Emilia Flack
Isabelle Harris
Benjamin Kepecs
Myeonhu Kim
Young Joon Kim
Anna Lu
Inga Manticas
Sohil Patel
Riley Peng
Elsie Platzer
Neel Puri
Jerry Shi
Hilary Song
Ivana Valdez
Henry Xing

These students will be inducted into the honor society on Friday, January 24. Congratulations to the new members!

Image via Bwog Archives