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Joe Coffee Company Changes Cup Design

Staff Writer Alyse Rovner is OBSESSED with Joe Coffee Company establishments and is here to let you know of their recent and very important changes. 

I am not sponsored by Joe Coffee Company; however, I would love to be. If Joe’s would like to reimburse me for the hundreds of dollars I have spent on oat milk lattes, nothing would make me happier. However, this article is not about my dying love for Joe’s, but instead a critique of its new changes. 

On a more serious note, Joe Coffee Company has recently changed their cup design and logo. 

Their original and classic design was in a calming teal color and displayed their sleek white and black logo–an iconic piece I had become way too comfortable spending $6 daily on. However, the good days are OVER. Joe’s has done what no one EVER asked for and RUINED this staple design.

The new design is bolder and more vibrant; however, bolder is not always better. I would argue that this design is objectively worse. The new blue color is too bright and chaotic for the unarmed and uncaffeinated eye. It is too overwhelming, resembling the royal blue iMessage text bubbles. Additionally, the new cups have simplified the logo, reducing “Joe Coffee Company” to just “Joe Coffee.” The lettering is at a slight slant and appears to be in an emboldened serif font. Reducing the number of words and becoming minimalist in this sense is unnecessary, especially when the cup is such a vibrant blue color. Joe’s why now are you trying to simplify? The two just seem antithetical. 

These new changes were unprovoked–no one asked for them. Columbia students seem to be just as disappointed in these stark changes as me, noting that they “have ruined the cup design” and asking questions like “what have they done?” 

I just can’t comprehend why anyone would change something that was perfect to begin with. Joe Coffee Company, I am disappointed in your changes; however, do not fret, for I will still be purchasing obscene amounts of coffee from your Columbia University storefronts. 

don’t change perfection via caffeinated Bwogger



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