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There Are Undercover Cops At The 116th Subway Station. Tell Us About It

Send us tips about your experience with or thoughts about the increased police presence at the subway station.

This year, New York state authorities rolled out a new public awareness campaign against fare evasion – i.e. hopping the turnstile – and Gov. Andrew Cuomo committed 500 new MTA police officers to patrol train stations. 

The change has caused massive criticism, with hundreds of protesters taking the platform to denounce the new policy and the NYPD’s use of violence against fare-beaters. 

This issue hits close to home: there are NYPD officers patrolling the 116th station most Columbia students are familiar with – Bwog has even heard reports of students being ticketed for fare evasion by undercover cops. 

If you’re either a student who’s been affected by the policy change – by being ticketed or being unable to afford the subway – or just someone who has strong feelings about the issue, let us know! Reach out to us at, submit an anonymous tip on our website, or leave a comment below. 

116th via Bwog Archives


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  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Getting a ticket isn’t “violence”. Pay your fare, or face the consequences.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Andrew Cuomo? Isn’t that the guy who said the N-word on the radio?

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