Last week, I accidentally made a dramatic moment unnecessarily more dramatic. And for that, I am sorry.

On Friday morning, my professor for my hardest class ended lecture early, which she absolutely never does. Pretty much everyone around me knew what that meant: she would be handing back the most recent exam. In a moment of anxiety and clumsiness, I dropped my Hydroflask in an otherwise mostly silent lecture hall.

Before I could lean down and even attempt to stop the loudest sound ever produced on the Barnard campus, usurping the fire drill alarms in the quad, it was already too late.That infamous moment will never leave my mind: my light blue metal companion leaving my hands and slowly tumbling towards the ground. My Hydroflask hit the floor with an immeasurably loud CLANG, and I scurried to retrieve it. I was beyond embarrassed. Getting a difficult exam back is anxiety-inducing in itself, but it’s even worse when the klutz behind you can’t keep ahold of her Hydroflask.

So, I just wanted to take this opportunity and apologize. Adding an obnoxiously loud sound effect was not my intention and it was definitely not helpful in this situation. If you’re reading this, fellow classmate, I hope you did okay on the exam. And if you have no idea what loud clang I’m talking about, good. Maybe no one noticed and I’m calling myself out on the Internet for no reason.

With that, sksksksk and farewell.