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What Bwog Did Instead Of Studying For Midterms

Serial procrastinator and stressed staff writer Nicki Camberg didn’t feel like studying for her midterms. Instead, she compiled all the things she and the rest of Bwog have been up to instead of being productive and furthering their education. 

Midterms are a lie propagated by the college machine. I’ve had “midterms” for a month now, yet the middle of this term has come and gone. I haven’t dropped out yet, but there is still time so who knows what will happen? Please don’t do any of the things listed below, but if you do, know that someone in Bwog is probably doing it as well. 

  • Spent hours roaming campus looking for a study spot, found one was kicked out five minutes later by a well-meaning Diana custodian.
  • Cried at a blank Google Doc. 
  • Accidentally killed all my plants
  • I downloaded TikTok ironically because my roommate kept texting me TikToks and I didn’t want to watch them on safari anymore. Now I spend 2+ hours on this app unironically and can’t stop myself. 
  • Cried on the phone to my mom.
  • Stayed up till 4 AM cyclically checking twitter and the same news sites to see if any new content has come since I last checked.
  • Submitting a response for this post.
  • Facetimed my dog. 
  • I got appendicitis and had to have surgery so I guess that was my body giving me an excuse to not study for midterms. So fun.
  • Crying.
  • Prepared for the bartending exam at least 2x as diligently as I did for any of my class midterms.
  • Getting a headache because I got so stressed/overthinking spiral.
  • Ate black and white cookies from Westside.
  • Fell asleep with my head on the desk in front of everyone in Milstein
  • Texted my friends at other schools to see how their midterms are going!
  • Created a lot of content for the Bold Beautiful Memes for Bold Beautiful Badass Barnard Babes facebook group
  • Was supposed to write a paper but ended up wandering up to the Cloisters.
  • Wasted time catching feelings/worrying over a goddamn MAN.
  • Cleaned out my fridge. 
  • Went all the way to Ferris (from my Barnard quad dorm) just for a banana and potato soup. 
  • Cried at Well Woman. 
  • Researched what the process of dropping out would be, found there is a $75 fine, abandoned that idea.
  • Watched a Youtube documentary about plastic surgery in South Korea, fell down a weird rabbit hole. 
  • Cried at dog videos.

Pure Suffering via Bwog Archives

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