Bwogger Eliza Staples answers the most pressing question on campus: what Ferris seating option has the most chaotic evil energy?

After months of research (read: eating garlic knots and waffles for many, many meals), I am proud to present the following alignment chart.


Lawful Good

the tables for two on the second floor

Neutral Good

taking your food outside to eat on Butler lawn

Chaotic Good

 the blue couches outside the second floor of Ferris

Lawful Neutral

 the counter seating around the perimeter of the first floor

True Neutral

the two half-booth-half-table contraptions closest to the food on the first floor

Chaotic Neutral

a single diner occupying a table that could fit 4 people

Lawful Evil

large and rowdy group at the massive round tables on the first floor

Neutral Evil

taking your food back to your dorm

Chaotic Evil

eating at an inclined table on the ramps

Lerner via Columbia