As your friends from other schools start enjoying break, remind yourself that you’re almost there.

Bwogline: Three people were killed as 6.8 magnitude rocked the southern Philippines island of Mindanao on Sunday. It was the latest in a series of earthquakes to hit the island as in October another series of earthquakes killed 14 and injured more than 400. (CNN)

Study Tip: Walk around to some music. It always helps me to take these mini breaks and clear my mind before studying again.

Music of the Day: The Titanic soundtrack is absolutely fire studying music. James Horner is a genius.

Procrastination Tip: Go on Youtube and enjoy some time watching random stuff the overlord Youtube algorithm recommends you. The bits of laughter and crazy stuff really helps with relieving stress.

Overseen: A flooded Carmen laundry room. Ugh.

Long road ahead via Wikimedia