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Bwogline: After leading the House’s historic vote to impeach President Trump, Nancy Pelosi said on Thursday that she would wait to send the two articles of impeachment to the Senate, making the timing of a possible conviction unclear. The likelihood that the Republican-controlled Senate will convict Trump is low: not a single House Republican voted for impeachment. (The Washington Post)

Study Tip: If you still have finals, I’m so sorry. Try making a list of things you’re looking forward to over the break so you have something to keep you going. You’ve got this.

Music: Kill V. Maim – Grimes

Procrastination Tip: Write letters to your friends. You won’t see them for a month! Sure, you could just text them—but what compares to opening a handwritten letter from someone you love? Very little!

Overheard: “You think the 1500s are the ‘late Middle Ages’?? That’s balls deep in the Renaissance, dude.”

love letter <3 via Wikimedia Commons