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Bwog Is Ready To Say Bye-Bye To These Classes

When classes suck, we retaliate with passive-aggressive ramblings.

The Bwog staff is just like you! We take classes we truly regret! What better way to say farewell to these horrific classes than by roasting them in a Bwog article? (Unless you’re a professor of one of these classes, then it’s satire). Here are just a few of the classes we Bwoggers are truly happy to never have to take again (after finals):

  • Modern Algebra! Truly a monster – spent way too much time on the problem sets and the teacher grades in such a contrived way I once ended up with a negative score on a section!
  • Science Fiction! A terrible class with a terrible professor and a terrible syllabus. I love science fiction but I loathed every minute I had to sit in this godawful lecture.
  • Linear Algebra! Each midterm is five 10-point problems and I consistently get a 0/10 on at least one problem.
  • Environmental Biology I! The lecturers were nice but hard to understand and the TAs were extremely unhelpful. When you would ask them a question in a study session for a quiz they would say “Um, actually, you need to know that, not me haha. Um. I don’t know. We can google it now I guess.” I think most people actually did OK in the class and like shouldn’t be that hard for most people but as someone who is majoring in English/poetry, can barely do fractions, and forgot all of my high school bio knowledge, I am quite certain I failed it and am excited to…not do that.
  • University Writing(’nuff said)
  • Organic Chemistry! If I have to look at another carbon ever again, I swear.
  • Econometrics! Wasn’t as difficult as I was expecting but still a mfing pain in my ass. I am allergic to the words “machine learning” and “stochastic” and never want to see/hear/be even marginally involved in a class that uses those terms ever again. There’s a reason I’m not OR/FE (I might be a snake but I’m not a ROBOT snake). Also was on the 6th floor of hamilton and I left 20 minutes early for class every week to cop a good spot in the front (the prof spoke super softly).

how we felt about these classes via Bwog Archives

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