It’s every kid’s dream to have an advent calendar. Well, at least it’s Internal Editor Vivian Zhou’s favorite part of December. 

Yes, we know it’s already December 14 and you’ve already gobbled up your 14th chocolate on your advent calendar… but as I was eating mine, I was wondering what would be in the little doors if it was a Columbia-themed advent calendar. They have all kinds of advent calendars now– wine, makeup, skincare, etc… so why not a Columbia one??

Here is what you would find in each Columbia advent calendar door–each idea is dreamed up by one of our Bwoggers.

Day 1: A clean, AC-ed dodge gym.

Day 2: An actual snow day.

Day 3: Having 7 hands to only make one trip back to your seat in dining halls.

Day 4: An open washer, and then an open dryer when your wash is done.

Day 5: Lifetime supply of Koronet’s jumbo Margherita slices.

Day 6: No line at JJs.

Day 7: A Joe punchcard with all the punches filled in (a free drink).

Day 8: Cash for Hungarian, complete with an open table to people watch.

Day 9: An open Milstein study room during finals.

Day 10: Anything but drip coffee for a swipe.

Day 11: A seat in ref.

Day 12: Getting a “that’s a great question!” from a professor.

Day 13: A clean AND open Lerner ramp table.

Day 14: People who actually use both sides of the door.

Day 15: Unlimited Diana smoothies all day.

Day 16: A free pass on a UWriting paper.

Day 17: A canceled lab session in Altschul.

Day 18: An A in Mowsh Bio or Orgo.

Day 19: Butler Lawn is full of cute puppies, and open for once.

Day 20: The weather is nice and class is canceled so everyone sits on Low.

Day 21: Bacchanal actually finds a good artist to headline and the event is on campus again.

Day 22: The bartender at 1020 serves you before anyone else for the rest of your life.

Day 23: That person from Hinge actually asks you out instead of cancelling because “I go to Columbia University and I just have a lot on my plate right now”.

Day 24: An actual map of Schermerhorn, if it’s real. Oh, and a guide on how to pronounce it.

handmade advent via Wikimedia Commons