Do you ever just sit and stare at your sock draw and think to yourself, “what if filled these with coins, butter, or better yet, assigned them to Columbia dining halls?” This bwogger sure did. 

I have five types of socks. This isn’t arbitrary, they each serve a very specific purpose. Except one, whose purpose is that they don’t serve a purpose. Anyway, here we go.

  • JJ’s Place: black calf socks
    • What screams fun, danger, and a side of cheese? It’s my black calf socks. They’re functional, they conceal my feet. I love them.
  • John Jay: beige dress socks
    • I wear these bad bois on the daily, they’re my go to, my ride or die. It’s something I know I’ll always be able to rely on. Sometimes I wear them inside out, but that’s ok. That’s on me.
  • Ferris: white calf socks
    • Sorta lame, right? Like, the worst part about these socks is that they show stains from like the leather on my Birkenstocks. Who would continue to wear such a revealing sock? Well, once in a while when I’m in my room and have some privacy, I’ll slip them on. If you close your eyes, they’re still fine, I guess. I have a complicated relationship with these socks. Sorry.
  • Diana: tan dress socks
    • Each time I wear these socks, it’s like a little surprise to myself. I feel a little extra something that day. Wearing these socks feels like when your favorite Christmas song comes on shuffle in August. How scandalous! (But I’ll still indulge)
  • Hewitt: Costco winter socks my dad bought me in September that I still haven’t opened and have no intention of opening
    • These socks haunt me. I never asked for them, yet they remain in my life. I’m sure there are people out there who would appreciate them, I’m just not that kind of guy.


socks via pxfuel