Hope your first hump day of the school year goes smoothly!

Happening in the World: The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed that the deadly coronavirus, originating from Wuhan, has spread to the US. The virus has sickened hundreds and killed six people in Asia. The outbreak started in late December at an animal market in Wuhan.

Happening in the US: Despite efforts by American Civil Liberties Union, US immigration officials deported an Iranian student headed to Northeastern University on Monday. The deportation comes after heightened security amid tensions with Iran.

Happening in NYC: Harvey Weinstein’s trial has begun and his lawyers reveal that they intend to destroy the credibility of his accusers. They plan on revealing dozens of emails suggesting consent in the sexual encounters and demonstrating the victims of assault later bragged about hav ing an affair with Weinstein.

Happening on Campus: Auditions for campus theatre productions are happening tonight and tomorrow night in Hamilton!!

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