Sorry guys, I’m a little rusty on the daily thing. 

Happening in the World: As the coronavirus continues to spread, killing 106 people and infecting over 4000, the CDC advises against travelling to China. Previously, the CDC warned against travelling to Wuhan, but now has expanded the warning to the entire country.

Happening in the US: Chipotle was fined for over 13,000 child labor violations at its Massachusetts restaurants. The fine was $1.3 million, stating the chain had employees under the age of 18 working for more than 48 hours per week.

Happening in New York: The city has launched the Fair Fares program, which allows for purchase of half-priced metro cards for those who qualify. The program came out a year ago but has been gradually expanding.

Happening on Campus: Audition to be a model at CSC’s Lunar Gala!

me sleeping this morning and missing bwoglines via the internet