Staff Writer Alyse Rovner has come to understand the magical powers and prestige of the John Jay Spa water.

After a long first day of shopping classes and subsequent lack of sleep from travel and readjusting to dorm life, I had a terrible headache. Was it hunger, fatigue, or dehydration? Could it be all three?

Instead of taking Advil or a much-needed nap, I decided that a visit to John Jay would be the best option.

I walked into John Jay with a sigh of relief as I swiped in. I found a table…surprisingly. The day could only get better from here. And there it was:  the spa water. It was neatly situated on a small table towards my right and on display in multiple varieties. 

There was cucumber spa water, cantaloupe spa water, and grapefruit spa water. However, on occasion, there is also honeydew spa water and cucumber ginger spa water. But these are not normal infused waters, however, as the fruit is displayed in artistic and abstract forms. The cucumber is cut vertically, not horizontally. The melon is cubed. 

John Jay Spa water is my favorite water on Columbia’s campus. The water exudes carefree energy. I would even dare to say spa water is my definition of self-care. 

Waitlisted for classes? John Jay Spa Water.

Tired? John Jay Spa Water. 

Homework?John Jay Spa Water. 

Essays due already? John Jay Spa Water.

But on a more serious note, please take care of yourselves as you start the semester and go enjoy some spa water! 

feel like your at a spa any day of the week via. waitlisted Bwogger