Studying sucks, but the vibes in the Diana 3 study room almost make it worth it. Here is a comprehensive list of reasons why this is the greatest study spot in the entire university.

  • The red color scheme of the desks and chairs is simply fantastic. As a person who looks best in red, I am content to study knowing that my surroundings are improving my appearance.
  • There is a ton of natural light coming in from the Broadway-side windows. My roommate and I say we are just plants with more complex emotions, so come to Diana and do your plant thing.
  • The room is perched above the Diana dining room, which can make for some excellent people watching.
  • The room is located below the 4th-floor art gallery, so you might be the people getting watched.
  • The white desks are so wide! I love to spread my stuff out when I work and I have miles of room in here.
  • The carrels are also really nice, I love boundaries and having my own little bubble.

Diana 3 via Bwog Staff