Finally, the perfect Bwoglines.

Happening in the World: Yesterday evening, Slovakians in central Bratlslava held a vigil for Jan Kuciak, a journalist assassinated nearly two years ago today. His death is believed to have been ordered by an oligarch who Kuciak had been investigating at the time for his corruptive role in Slovakian government. The assassination has fueled a sea change in political activity in the country, bolstering the presence of nationalist, far-right parties. The vigil comes just days before the country’s parliamentary election. (Al Jazeera)

Happening in the U.S.: Nevadan Democrats go to the polls today to cast their vote for the Democratic nominee. Just hours before the vote, however, the Nevada State Democratic Party has asked poll workers to sign an NDA to restrict their talking to the press. Despite mixed feelings concerning the NDA, one party official has stated that signing is optional. (The Nevada Independent)

Happening in NYC: Andy Byford – ahem, “Train Daddy” – ended his tenure as the president of New York City Transit yesterday, after two years on the job. Making his way through stations across Manhattan, he was greeted with applause and affection a number of New Yorkers – surely a first for anyone with any substantial role within the MTA. It is believed that fallings out with Governor Andrew Cuomo over how to improve transit and who should take credit for said improvements helped lead to Byford’s resignation last month. (AM New York)

Happening at Columbia: Do you like sports? Do you enjoy seeing people running around with striped, orange spheres and occasionally tossing them into laced buckets? Hell, does the mere idea of kinetic energy give you an adrenaline rush?

I have news for you. Columbia is playing not one, but TWO games of basketball against Yale – today! Our women’s team is playing in… New Haven, Conneticut (eugh), but there’s a live stream here you can catch. There’s also a live stream for the men’s team, but guess where they’re playing? Right here! In New York City! Incredible.

Watch the women’s live stream at four. Then, grab your tickets and head on down to Levien Gym to watch the men’s at seven. Can you think of a better way to spend a Saturday? No? Didn’t think so.

Can I go now?: Wait…

…yeah, later man.


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