Internal Editor Vivian Zhou is tentatively starting a new column called Diana Bowl Reviews, which reviews the Student’s Choice bowls in Diana. 

“Didn’t I just have the lo mein in Diana?” you’re probably thinking to yourself. Yes, you did. But Diana has come out with yet another yummy bowl for us to try. This time, it’s the American classic: barbecue! Aside from the Memphis BBQ plate (which gives you brisket, coleslaw, corn, green onions, mashed potatoes, cornbread, and barbecue sauce, you can also make your own bowl with options such as roasted chicken, tofu, and garlic butter sauce.

I tried a make-your-own bowl with Brisket, coleslaw, corn, fried okra, mashed potatoes, and corn bread, all topped off with a barbecue sauce.

The brisket was actually really tender and really good. It breaks down pretty easily and is pretty thin though, but it is very exceptional for dining hall food. The coleslaw was good, but I don’t usually eat coleslaw so I’m not sure how helpful this is. It doesn’t feel super heavy like I expected it to be because it looked creamy, and is a nice change of flavor from the brisket. The corn is how you imagine corn would be, but has a really nice charred taste. The fried okra was intriguing because it wasn’t actually fried, as indicated on the menu. The okra was very gooey and had a little bit of a kick to it. It was nothing like I had ever had before! The mashed potatoes have been featured in Diana bowls before, and it has a really soft texture. In my opinion, a good mashed potato is flavorful without gravy, and this mashed potato achieved that goal. The cornbread was a little bit dry, as cornbread is, but a lot fluffier than the normal cornbread. It feels more light and healthier than the classic cornbread and had a great flavor.

All in all, the bowl was a success and I highly recommend it. Diana allows student suggestions for which bowl is next at the Student Choice station, so thank you to whoever suggested this!! Maybe next time, we can see something Japanese? Like a Gyu-don or an Oyako-don?

Beautiful ass Diana Bowl via Bwog Staff