This week, GSSC ran really short. Like, really short. Regardless, GSSC Bureau Chief Olivia Mitchell is here to report everything that went down this week, which included a very special, limited-edition experience of Vice President of Policy Joshua Lefkow GS ’20 as this week’s acting president. A coup d’état? Possibly!

This week’s meeting was started off by Vice President of Policy Joshua Lefkow GS ’20, who was assigned the role of acting president due to President Chris Thompson’s GS ’20 absence due to travel (There was, in fact, no coup. I apologize for the clickbait), where Lefkow announced, as a reminder, the financial literacy event taking place this Thursday, February 27th, from 4 PM – 5 Pm, in 308A Lewisohn Hall. Lefkow quickly moved through the roster, with most committee heads having no announcements, until reaching Campus Life.

Campus Life began by going over the success of last week’s Glass House Rocks, which, according to Mack Collins, who worked as chair of the event, did indeed “rock”. Campus Life then went on to announce this semester’s Snack Attack, which will take place from March 9th to March 12th in the GS lounge, where GS provides breakfast and lunch for students during midterms. Three motions were made and passed, as well. The first allocating $400 from the senior class budget for the first-year, senior-year luncheon; the second allocating $600 out of the first-year budget for the first-year, senior-year luncheon; and the third allocating $2,500 out of the first-year budget for the first-year get-together taking place on Thursday, April 30th. All passed unanimously.

The council then moved onto new business, which involved a co-sponsorship request from Columbia Milvets, which is a university student veterans association, who asked the council to purchase and subsidize 12 tickets for their upcoming Columbia Milvets Ball due to budget shortages. The ball will take place on Friday, March 27th, from 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM at Pier Sixty, and will be joined by special guest former Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Joseph Dunberg. After a few questions from the council concerning venue capacity, funding cuts, and tickets, a motion was made for this co-sponsorship request and then passed.

That’s GSSC for the week! I’m glad that this week was short because the extreme length of my other write-up counteracts this very short write-up. Check in next Wednesday to hear more GSSC news or check out GSSC’s live stream on their Facebook! Bye!