Ever had an Archaeology class in the Kraft Center? CC in the Union Theological Seminary? Does Columbia arbitrarily toss around your class times and locations as if by the whims of a child emperor who was never taught to love? Here are a few of the worst times and places our Ivy League university will schedule a class this semester.

  • M/W 1:10 PM in the 96th Street subway station
  • Tu/Th 4:10-6:00 PM in Pupin -10c, still full of radiation from the Manhattan Project
  • Monday 8:50 AM in the upstairs bathroom of Prezbo’s mansion. You have to break in through a window.
  • 5:10-6:55 AM under the tarps covering the grass, like the parachutes you used in kindergarten P.E.
  • T/Th 8:40-9:55 AM in the hallway that connects Barnard Hall and Hewitt Dining Hall
  • M/Tu/W/Th 4:10 AM in the Staten Island Lighthouse Museum
  • Friday 6:10-8:00 PM in the McBain shaft
  • Tu/Th 7:10 PM in Fairchild (the NYU one)
  • M/W 11:40 AM-12:55 PM in the Lerner ramps, used as raked lecture seating
  • Tu/Th Rush Hour on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, BYOV (Bring Your Own Vehicle)
  • M/W/F 8:40-9:55 AM in the Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, but it’s not even a science class; it’s the only Spanish class you could get into and you need the credit to graduate on time. Participation is graded and attendance is mandatory.
  • M/W 8:40-9:55 AM 140 person lecture in the room of one different, unlucky student each time. You literally cannot be late… but at what cost?
  • Th, 6:10-8:00 PM Beta basement
  • M/W/T/F 7:10 PM in Ferris. 200 person lecture.
  • M/W 12:10 PM in Jamaica, but on Monday the neighborhood in Queens and on Wednesday the Caribbean country
  • Colombia
  • Milbank

Image via Wikimedia Commons