Bwogger Joanna Yu scopes out the warmest places on campus to study so that this winter so you can finally take your Canada Goose off and bask in warmth while you study.

During the icy months of the beginning of the spring semester, there is no doubt that the freezing temperatures are responsible for the decreased levels of productivity and the overall sluggishness felt all over campus. While it’s hard to bear the thought of warm sunny days lounging on Low or doing your class readings on the Lawn, at least you can have a cozy spot indoors to attempt to do your work in.

-3rd Floor Diana: If you climbed the stairs to the third floor, you will definitely be sweating by the time you walk up to this study lounge. This quiet space features a nice view of Columbia across the street and is a good spot to bring in some natural sunlight.

-Barnard Lounges: Walk into any lounge of the quad and then proceed to turn the heaters to full blast (or even better, they’ll already be on). Make sure to bring headphones if you are easily distracted by loud conversation and people cooking. 

-LeFrak Center: Located on the first floor of Barnard Hall adjacent to the staircase, you might get the impression of a gymnasium at first. However, those seeking a quiet and warm study space with individual cubicles and carpet might find their niche in LeFrak.

– Comfy chairs in 4th floor Barnard Hall: They’re right next to the radiator, enough said. 

-Sulzberger Computer Lab: The Sulzberger Computer Lab is located in the basement of the Barnard Quad and is perfect for lounging and doing work. It is quite warm and cozy there as long as you can ignore the sounds from the printers and the pipes.

-Teachers College Library: If the long trek isn’t enough to discourage you, come to the TC library. It is usually less crowded than most libraries on campus and features treadmill desks and comfy chairs to do work or nap in.

-Mudd CafeMudd Cafe is perfect for cozy collaborative studying. It’s good for meeting with groups and getting some coffee to warm you up.

-13th floor Pupin Lounge: The study lounge in the Astrophysics Department is a nice warm place to study with an amazing view of campus and the Manhattan skyline. 

-Piano Room in Lerner: The Piano Room in Lerner also has comfy chairs and good lighting. But, if you can’t study with the distraction of someone playing the piano, then maybe consider studying elsewhere.

-Dining Halls: Any of the dining halls on campus are warm enough to study in if you don’t mind the noise and the people.