Here’s what’s happening in (and out!) of your neck of the woods.

Happening in the World: The leader of Saudi Arabia, Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, has arrested “at least three members” of the royal family and other senior officials in his orbit, including a 77-year-old brother of his believed to threaten Salman’s rule. Analysts are unsure of whether the arrests are merely part of a larger consolidation of power on the prince’s part, or if they may hint at the prince’s deteriorating health. (Financial Times)

Happening in the US: In response to COVID-19 fears, delivery services Postmates and Instacart have begun offering options to eliminate any human contact when ordering an item. Customers can choose to have delivery drivers place deliveries outside their front door, starting today in the Postmates app and soon in the Instacart app. The move comes amid criticism from those in the gig economy who claim companies like Postmates are not doing enough to help mitigate the spread of the virus among its employees. (Financial Times)

Happening in NYS: Three doctors in a practice in Westchester have tested positive for COVID-19, forcing them to close the offices of their private practice. Patients are in the process of being notified of their possible exposure to the coronavirus. (PIX11)

Happening on Campus: Students at Columbia’s 168th Street campus are putting on a production of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. And before you say “Ugh, Shakespeare? I can’t understand a word of that stuff!,” two things. One, we hear you loud and clear. And two, this production has such a “modern spin, you’ll hardly be able to tell it’s Shakespeare!”
There are two shows today, so if you can’t make the afternoon matinee at 2 PM, you can definitely make the evening performance at 8 PM. Student tickets are $8 here, and $10 at the door.

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Actual gameplay image courtesy of Public Domain Photos and Air Force Safety Center