Some sacred rocks are in danger as the world becomes a harder place to be in.

Happening in the World: The mayor of Easter Island has called for vehicle restrictions to be introduced around its archaeological sites after a pickup truck hit one of the moai, a sacred stone figure believed to carry the spirits of the indigenous Rapa Nui’s ancestors. Since 2012, the island’s population had risen from 8,000 to 12,000, raising concerns among the community for the preservation of the statues. (The Guardian)

Happening in the U.S.: Katy Perry confirming in her new music video for “Never Worn White” that she is expecting her first child with fiancee Orlando Bloom. While the baby is Perry’s first, it will be Bloom’s second child, after his nine-year-old child with ex-wife Miranda Kerr. (ABC)

Happening in New York: New Jersey has announced its first case, a man in his 30s who had been hospitalized just across the Hudson River from New York City. Nine new cases in New York were connected to a patient in Westchester County. (NYT)

Happening on Campus: As part of the Technology and Human Rights Speakers series at SIPA, Dragana Kaurin from the Berkman Klein Center at Harvard University will unpack the challenges faced by refugees and asylum seekers crossing these borders, emerging human rights issues in digital surveillance, as well as legal and policy responses by civil society. Click here for more information.